Pacific Harvest Bladderwrack Flakes 75G


Most commonly used as a therapeutic tea, Bladderwrack has been popular as a way to keep the metabolism in balance and to relieve arthritis.

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Bladderwrack seaweed is an abundant in the North Atlantic. and belongs to the brown seaweed group. It has been used medicinally in Europe for centuries , mainly to balance the thyroid gland and reduce inflammation & pain from aching joints. Not a traditional culinary sea vegetable, it is mostly used as a therapeutic tea , to make tinctures & poultices, and in various ways to cleanse & nourish the skin.
Wrongly called kelp, it is instead a Fucus genus. It grows abundantly in the inter-tidal area of the sea-shore. See the video tab to find out what it looks like in the wild and see it being harvested. The gel from the bladders can be used as an effective & natural sunscreen.

Pacific Harvest Bladderwrack is imported from Canada, where it is sustainably harvested from the wild in the Eastern Provinces. It is tested for contaminants.