Chantal Organics Borlotti Beans 400G


Borlotti beans are medium sized, oval shaped, have a mixed red and tan color, a creamy texture, and taste reminiscent of chestnuts.  Borlotti’s attractive red speckles fade during cooking, but they offer a very well balanced nutritional profile, an enjoyable flavor, and myriad cooking options.


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These beans are normally used as a vegetable in soups, stews and cassoulet dishes or with meat. Although borlotti’s are majorly found in Italian cuisine, they are also popular across Europe, North America, and Africa.

Borlotti beans are kidney-shaped with low starch and high protein content. They retain their shape even when cooked. however, loses their pink spots and spears. They absorb all the flavors they are cooked with and gives a delicate taste and creamy texture.