Block Blue Light Contoured Eye Mask


Do you sleep in a room that has light you just cannot eliminate? Maybe you do a lot of travelling, or you need to sleep during the day? Remember our eyelids are translucent and even a small amount of light at night can impact melatonin levels. The best way to deal with these situations? A decent fitting sleep mask!

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The last eye mask you will ever need

• The mask\'s contoured design blocks all light

• No light leakage around the nose!

• Adjustable strap to fit all head sizes

• Designed with no pressure on the eyes, so you can blink freely and it avoids ruining makeup

• Perfect for shift workers to block morning and daytime sun



• Fall asleep faster – Light weight and breathable

• Sleep in comfort – Your eyes will not touch the fabric

• Easy to wear – Fully adjustable Velcro strap

• Convenient – Folds small, perfect for travel

• Hygienic – Washable time and time again

• Size – 76mm x 228mm