Live Brew Daily Probiotic 1L


Live Brew Daily Probiotic 1L


LiveBrew® is a brand new probiotic dietary supplement. It contains a range of live, active probiotic micro-organisms and the beneficial metabolites (organic acids, etc.) produced by those Microbes. LiveBrew® delivers a guaranteed high dose of live & active lactobacilli (109 CFU/ dose throughout the specified shelf life).

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What is different about LiveBrew®?

LiveBrew® is a new type of FRESH probiotic optimized for high numbers of live & active lactobacilli and designed to obtain the maximum effects for you.
LiveBrew®’s probiotic organisms are selected for their known beneficial effects and their capacity to survive the gut acid and bile challenges.

LiveBrew® is guaranteed to deliver at least 109 CFU (more than a billion) of live and active probiotic lactobacilli per 100ml dose.

Each dose also provides a “shot” of microbial metabolites. These bio-active substances are known to have a range of beneficial effects on the gut, the brain, and the immune system.

The large numbers of probiotic microbes in LiveBrew® start working from the moment the first dose is taken. Many people report they can detect positive effects within just a few days.


LiveBrew® is free of sugar and preservatives. It contains water, organic molasses (all the sugar in the molasses is consumed by the microbes before bottling), a small amount of kelp powder and salt, along with the probiotic microbial cultures (primarily lactobacilli and lower numbers of yeasts and commensal microbes). It also contains ethanol (<0.5%) produced by the yeasts.


The recommended adult dose is 100ml, or more, per day. Your dose may be taken all at once or split and taken throughout the day. LiveBrew® may be taken on its own, or diluted in water, juice, etc.,if preferred.

Known side effects with LiveBrew®

When starting LiveBrew®, some people report more active bowel sounds and loose stools for a day or two while their gut biology adjusts. Some people report an increase in energy soon after taking LiveBrew® so they take the day’s dose in the morning.

DIABETICS: Consumption of LiveBrew® has been associated with changes in energy levels, food preferences, and weight
loss that could increase the risk of low blood glucose in people on medication for diabetes. Should any suspected Serious adverse effects occur, medical advice should be sought immediately.

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