Block Blue Light Red Led Bulbs X2


Red LED Bulbs (e14 or e12 size)

NOTE: the e14 sized bulbs are extra bulbs for your Red LED Nightlight (which you can purchase here). This item does not include the nightlight wall plugin socket.

Needing more bulbs for the BlockBlueLight Red Nightlight, other night lights, or lamps? Look no further!

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These bulbs screw into most common sized Nightlights and salt lamps (or other night lights that take e14 or e12 bulbs) - providing you with an  2 x LED low wattage light bulbs.

The single pack comes with:

2x LED red light bulbs

These bulbs can be used with any night lights or lamps which take e14 or e12 screw in bulbs. Please ensure you select the correct sized bulb as we have the smaller e12 (12mm base) and the slightly bigger e14 (14mm base) available.


• 2 x Red LED light bulbs

• LED red lights are super energy efficient

• 2 sizes Available: E14 and E12 C7 screw type

• Zero harmful blue light production – all high NM wavelength light

• 5000 hour bulb life (2 years of nighttime use)

Bulb is CE certified by MTC product testing.


• Great for use around the home as it emits enough light to see without any harmful blue light

• Perfect for use in the kitchen after sunset

• Handy for children’s bedrooms: now you can use red nightlights without disrupting your child’s melatonin production

• Great for use in bathrooms and toilets – late night toilet trips without disrupting your sleep from artificial blue light from regular light bulbs

• Ideal for a baby’s nursery

• Perfect to be used in the hallway so you don’t need to turn on the main lights to find your way to the bedroom at night