Block Blue Light Red Light Torch


Red Light LED Torch

We have designed the ultimate touch to use when maneuvering in darkness without disrupting melatonin production. The BlockBlueLight Twilight Torch uses 9 x bright LED’s and emits only pure red light (625nm), so there is no sleep disrupting blue or green light exposure, guaranteeing yourself maximum melatonin production for deep and restful sleep.

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The BlockBlueLight Twilight Torch is a must have for your blue light blocking tool kit. It provides plenty of sleep promoting red light allowing you to easily navigate the dark with out exposing yourself with harmful artificial light at night and harming your sleep quality.

Perfect for situations where you need a small amount of light to see but don\'t want to turn on your lights and get blasted with blue light. Most people will use their flashlight function on their smart phone which is very high in blue light! Stop disrupting your sleep and use this handy pocket sized torch instead.

Midnight bathroom trips and finding your way to bed at night no longer need to interfere with your sleep quality anymore.



LEDs quantity: 9pcs

Power rate: 0.3W per LED

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 95x28mm

Wavelength: 625nm (Red light only)

Power Source: Batteries 3 x AAA (Batteries not included)

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

LED life: 100,000 hours

Weight: 50g


– Perfect for use in nurseries so you don’t disrupt you or your babies melatonin production and sleep.

– Great for parents checking on their children or by anyone who is up during the night.

– Ideal for reading your book at night in bed

– Bathroom trips in the middle of the night no longer need to disturb your sleep

– Perfect for camping trips

– Pack in your bag when you go traveling

– Anywhere you want to see without needing to turn on sleep disrupting lighting