Block Blue Light Red Night Light Pack


Red Light (Zero Blue Light) Nightlight

Perfect for use after sunset to remove all harmful blue light from environment. These nightlights plug straight into the wall and come with 2 x LED low wattage light bulbs which emit zero blue light. The nightlight has a built-in on/off switch, meaning you can leave these plugged in.

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These night lights are ideal for use throughout the house in the evening to provide enough light to see and navigate. Ideal for use in your babies nursery or child\\\\\\\'s bedroom, down the hallway, or anywhere in the home you want to navigate at night without being blasted with blue light.

Need to get up in the night to go toilet or bathroom? No problem we have you covered! These lights are perfect and give you enough night to see without waking you up, allowing you to go back into a deep and restful sleep.

If your wanting more general purpose lighting for your home with still no blue light we suggest purchasing some of our SweetDreams Sleep Enchaining Light Bulbs.



• Nightlight socket + 2 Red LED light bulbs

• LED red lights are super energy efficient

• Bulbs are E14 C7 screw type

• Nightlight socket is SAA Australia approved with a E14 socket for 220-240V wall sockets (Australia and New Zealand plug)

• On/off switch on the front of the light socket

• Zero harmful blue light production – all high NM wavelength light

• 5000 hour bulb life (2 years of nighttime use)

• Lamp is Certified by SGS for use and sale in Australia and NZ – Standard AS/NZS 60598.1:2003

• Bulb is CE Certified by MTC Product Testing


• Great for use around the home as it emits enough light to see without any harmful blue light

• Perfect for use in the kitchen after sunset

• Handy for children’s bedrooms: now you can use red nightlights without disrupting your child’s melatonin production

• Great for use in bathrooms and toilets – late night toilet trips without disrupting your sleep from artificial blue light from regular light bulbs

• Ideal for a baby’s nursery

• Perfect to be used in the hallway so you don’t need to turn on the main lights to find your way to the bedroom at night