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Garden Of Life Whole Food Magnesium


Dr. Formulated Whole Food Magnesium

If you are like most Americans, your dietary consumption of magnesium is less than ideal. Recent statistics reveal that close to 75% of Americans are consuming less than the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Magnesium ranks among the most important trace elements in the human diet as it plays a central role in facilitating the function of over 300 critical enzymes. These are enzymes that have important tasks in facilitating our day-to-day metabolic functions as well as manufacturing DNA and proteins and even managing how our cells are able to power themselves from the food sources we provide.

So its no wonder that low magnesium levels are correlated with so many health-related issues. Signs of magnesium deficiency involve all the bodys major systems and include: Irritability, Anxiety, Lethargy, Fatigue, Memory problems, Anorexia, Loss of Appetite, Seizures, Muscle Weakness, Muscle cramps, Tremors, Vertigo , Difficulty swallowing, Irregular or rapid heartbeat.

So if youre feeling tired, having problems sleeping or dealing with stress in your life, its time to drinksleep–restore! Dr. Formulated Whole Food Magnesium powder is a delicious, fizzy drink to help calm and relax you so you can get a better nights sleep, while restoring your bodys optimal magnesium levels.

Dr. Formulated Whole Food Magnesium features organic brown rice protein magnesium chelate, as well as, live probiotics1 billion CFUto support healthy digestion and regularity.

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Dr. Formulated Whole Food Magnesium Benefits:

  • Supports relaxation and restores optimal magnesium levels while providing a better nights sleep
  • Well toleratedno gastric side effects
  • Contains the probioticsLactobacillus plantarum,Lactobacillus bulgaricusandLactobacillus acidophilus1 billion CFUto support healthy digestion, utilization and regularity

So, if youre feeling stressed out or unable to sleep well, you should consider taking Dr. Formulated Whole Food Magnesium at bedtime to help you de-stress and get a good nights sleep.

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